We regret to inform you that due to the current lack of funding support from the design community, InformeDesign has been closed.


We want thank those in the design community that supported InformeDesign’s creation, development, and Web presence since 2001—you know who you are. And acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and design practitioners, educators/researchers, and students who have benefitted from InformeDesign’s unique and critical content.


The site has been online since January 2003, so it was a pretty good run. We believe that InformeDesign has helped transform the design process towards an evidence-based approach through its innovative and rigorous site content.


If you are interested in relaunching InformeDesign or buying the site, please contact us at info@informedesign.org


Thank you!

Caren Martin, PhD, and Denise Guerin, PhD, Co-creators

April 15, 2019