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Relationship between Prison Conditions, Inmate Characteristics, and Suicide
Meredith Huey Dye -- 2010
Added: 2/23/2015 5:02:58 PM

Alternatives to Isolating Prisoners with Severe Mental Illness
Terry A. Kupers, Theresa Dronet, Margaret Winter, James Austin, Lawrence Kelly, William Cartier, Timothy J. Morris, Stephen F. Hanlon, Emmitt L. Sparkman, Parveen Kumar, Leonard C. Vincent, Jim Norris, Kim Nagel, and Jennifer McBride -- 2009

Supportive Classrooms for Children with Autism
Magda Mostafa -- 2008
Added: 4/15/2009 10:30:22 AM

Remodeling for Geropsychiatric Patient Needs
Marlene Nadler-Moodie and Jerry Gold -- 2005
Added: 12/14/2005 2:59:31 PM

Anger and Status in the Workplace
Melissa M. Sloan -- 2004
Added: 8/3/2004 11:02:13 PM

Effects of Children’s Hospitals on Families and Staff
James W. Varni, Tasha M. Burwinkle, Paige Dickinson, Sandra A. Sherman, Pamela Dixon, Judy A. Ervice, Pat A. Leyden, and Blair L. Sadler -- 2004
Added: 10/7/2005 2:36:13 PM

Nursing Home Residents Assess Their Own Quality of Life
Rosalie A. Kane, Kristen C. Kling, Boris Bershadsky, Robert L. Kane, Katherine Giles, Howard B. Degenholtz, Jiexin Liu, and Lois J. Cutler -- 2003
Added: 8/2/2006 3:50:44 PM

Alzheimer’s Unit Design Affects Residents
John Zeisel, Nina M. Silverstein, Joan Hyde, Sue Levkoff, M. Powell Lawton, and William Holmes -- 2003
Added: 8/9/2006 4:02:37 PM

Well-Being Affects Job Performance
Thomas A. Wright, Russell Cropanzano, Philip J. Denney, and Gary L. Moline -- 2002
Added: 7/20/2004 3:07:45 AM

Impact of Adolescent Work Experience
Jeylan T. Mortimer, Carolyn Harley, and Jeremy Staff -- 2002
Added: 8/14/2004 4:39:57 AM

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