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Cornerstone Partners

Cornerstone Partners...ensuring an evidence-based design future

InformeDesign would not be possible without financial support. The generosity of Cornerstone Partners enables InformeDesign to offer EBD sources such as the Research Summaries and Implications free of charge to design practitioners, students, educators, and researchers around the world. Cornerstone Partners are building InformeDesign for the future.

Please join us in thanking InformeDesign’s Cornerstone Partners

 Human ScaleHumanscale ( pioneered workplace ergonomics in the early 1980s and is now the leading global designer and manufacturer of products that improve wellness at work. As a company, we’ve always put function first. This means that the form, which flows from that function is honest and timeless, and is as relevant in New York as it is in Helsinki or Singapore. Simplicity and ease of use is at the heart of functionality. It’s easy to make a product look great when it first comes out of the box. It is hard to make it look great after 10 years of heavy use. Humanscale designers think a lot about this and design products to look and work as well on Day 10,000 as they do on Day 1.

At Humanscale, believe it is our responsibility to not only minimize our environmental footprint, but also to make an overall positive impact on the earth through application of healthy materials and sustainable processes—and giving back. Today’s researchers are vital in providing Humanscale’s designers with direction and guidance. As a proud supporter of InformeDesign, we believe that research should have a significant role in design. InformeDesign improves access to research, which inevitably leads to more effective solutions through the application of evidence-based design—and helps us all better understand the impact of space on its occupants.

The Interior Designers of Canada (IDC)The Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) ( is the professional association for interior designers in Canada. Its support of InformeDesign reinforces IDC’s commitment to advancing the profession of interior design across Canada as well as internationally. Through the use of research as a tool in the design process, design professionals will increasingly be able to use an evidence-based design approach to improve the quality of their design solutions, enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and support sustainability. By highlighting research, IDC’s goal is to increase collaboration among researchers, practitioners, educators, students, and industry professionals to create a stronger, more unified profession.


The Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) is the professionally recognized association for interior design educators in North America. Our mission is the advancement of interior design education, scholarship, and service. Our members represent a diverse constituency of design educators and students, and we actively collaborate and engage with a broad range of practitioners to advance design education through multiple venues. Our support of InformeDesign is an example of this engagement. The resources provided through this platform connect design research to practice and contribute to content that can be shared in the classroom.

Martin & Guerin Design Research, LLC ( provides premier design research and teaching consulting services to designers, educators, corporations, institutions, and other individuals throughout the world. We improve peoples’ experience in the built environment by providing research to architects, interior designers, facility managers, manufacturers, environmental designers, business owners, school districts, and other end users. Our research enables you to use an evidence-based design (EBD) approach to problem identification and solutions, thus enhancing occupants’ lives. We also contribute to design education and teaching that reflects and leads global standards. Martin & Guerin Design Research supports InformeDesign’s role as a preeminent resource to support EBD practice, education, and research.

Cornerstone Partner Opportunities
Please consider coming in on the ground floor as we re-launch this enhanced, interactive site together. Help us build InformeDesign for the future.


  • Your logo on the home page of InformeDesign linked to your Web site
  • Description of your company on the Cornerstone Partner page and linked to your Web site
  • Seat on the Advisory Board to help shape InformeDesign’s future
  • Opportunity to
    • add your EBD-content to InformeDesign via Research Reports, White Papers, or Case Studies
    • sponsor EBD-Minutes, an issue of Implications, or an online tutorial or Web Cast on a specific topic you identify

Please contact us so that we can collaborate with you to determine how your support of InformeDesign can be optimized. We look forward to detailing these opportunities for you and getting started!