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InformeDesign has recent EBD-Minutes that focus on the influence of the open plan office on employee behaviors and as a driver of organizational pursuits. If you have not had a chance, simply click on the hyperlinks below to learn more.  


 Open Plan Office Affects Employee Behavior 

The impact of the physical work environment on employee attitudes, behaviors, and performance from organizational behavioral perspectives were examined in this study. Issues considered in open plan offices with regard to personal spaces, spatial density/crowding, workplace personalization and identity, and task/workflow interdependence were explored through a literature review.


Aligning the Open Office with Organizational Pursuits 

The importance of leadership and organizational issues in achieving effective use and business value in open and flexible workspaces were examined. The study used secondary data and analyzed a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) with employees and interviews with managers from a telecommunication company Telenor in Norway. Through these methods, the study explored issues with management systems, leadership, and organizational core values when implementing open and flexible workspaces. 

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