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Last week, InformeDesign posts additional EBD-Minutes that focus on the impact of color as a design element and as an outcome of light source type. To access these new EBD-Minutes, simply click on the hyperlinks below.    


Color Influences Behavior 

Color affects visual comfort as well as human psychology and behaviors. This review of literature explored the impact of color on people, identified suitable methods and approaches to color studies, and determined directions for the investigation on the impact of color on student learning.


Relationship between Color and Shape Preferences 

Colors and shapes contain specific semantic information such as warm, cold, simple, and complex, and individual preferences for colors and shapes may be related to each other through such semantic meanings. 


Light Source Color Quality 

Various properties of color quality affect people's perception. This study examined the properties (9) of color quality of three different light sources (incandescent, fluorescent, and white LED).

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