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Glossary of Terms

InformeDesign’s Glossary of Terms offers basic definitions for research terms that are hyper-linked in the Research Summaries. If you are reading a Research Summary, click on the hyper-linked word or phrase and a small window will open up to display a brief definition.

The Glossary of Terms can also be used as a mini-dictionary for terms regarding design and human behavior and commonly used research terms. Please contact us if you have terms you would like to see added. 

Glossary of Terms

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gamma ray 

gas chromatography 

gaumut area (gaumut area; Gamut Area)

generalizability theory (generalizability theory; g-theory)

generalizable (generalizable; generalizabilty)

Generalized Estimating Equations (Generalized Estimating Equations; generalized estimating equations; generalized estimating equation)


geomorphological deposit types (geomorphological deposit types; geomorphological deposit; geomorphological deposits; geomorphological types)

gerontology (gerontology; gerontological)

gigajoule (gigajoule; gj)

GIS (GIS; geographic information systems; geographic information system)

glaucoma (glaucoma; Glaucoma)


global irradiance (global irradiance; global illumination)

gravimetrically (gravimetrically; gravimetric; gravimetrics)

gravitational settling 

gray water (gray water; grey water; gray water recycling; grey water recycling)

green space (green space; green areas)

greenfield (greenfield; greenfields)

greenhouse gas 

greenway (greenway; greenways)

Grounded Theory 

Halo effect 

haptic perception 

Hawthorne effect 

Hawthorne effects 

heat island 

heating load 

hectare (hectare; hectares)

hedonic (hedonic; hedonic price assessment; hedonic price models; hedonic valuation models; hedonic value )

HEPA filters (HEPA filters; HEPA filter)


heterozygotic (heterozygotic; heterozygous)

hierarchical non-linear model 

hierarchical regression (hierarchical regression; multilevel regression; hierarchal stepwise regressions)

homozygotic (homozygotic; homozygous)

horizontal illuminance 

hue (hue; hues)

human subjects protocol 

HVAC (HVAC; Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning; heating ventilation air conditioning)

hypermarket (hypermarket; hypermarkets)

hypomania (hypomania; hypomanic)

hypothesis (hypothesis; hypotheses)


Hz (Hz; Hertz)




image analysis 


incandescent light 


incidence matrix 

incident light (incident light; incident lighting)

indoor air quality (indoor air quality; IAQ)

indoor environmental quality (indoor environmental quality; IEQ)

inferential statistics 


Instrumental Activities for Daily Living (Instrumental Activities for Daily Living; IADL)


intercept survey 

inter-rater reliability (inter-rater reliability; inter-observer reliability)

interstitial disks 

interview (interview; interviews)

irradiance (irradiance; irradiant energy)

ISO 14001 

isogram (isogram; isograms)

isolux contours (isolux contours; isolux contour)


iterative algorithm 

justified graph 

Kaplan-Meier (Kaplan-Meier; Kaplan-Meier estimator; Kaplan-Meier method)

Kappa statistics (Kappa statistics; kappa statistics; kappa statistic; Kappa statistic)

Kelvin (Kelvin; Kelvin degrees)


Kendal rank correlation (Kendal rank correlation; Kendal rank correlations)

kinematics (kinematics; kinematic)


Kish grid (Kish grid; Kish's grid; Kish's roh)

klux (klux; Klux)


K-means cluster analysis (K-means cluster analysis; K-means clusters analysis; K-Means cluster analysis; k means cluster analysis; K means cluster analysis)

knee extensor 

Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests (Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests; Kolmogorov-Smirnov test; Kolmogorov-Smirnov one-sample test; Kolmogorov-Smirnov one-sample tests)

Kruskal-Wallis tests (Kruskal-Wallis tests; Kruskal-Wallis test; Kruskal-Wallis; Kruskal-wallis; Kruskal Wallis test; Kruskal Wallis Test; Kruskal-Wallis Test; Kruskal-Wallis Tests)

K-S Lilliefors test (K-S Lilliefors test; K-S Lilliefors tests)

Kurtosis (Kurtosis; kurtosis)




lamp (lamp; lamps)

landmark (landmark; landmarks)

landscape ecology 

latent roots (latent roots; latent root)

lavage biomarkers (lavage biomarkers; Lavage biomarkers)

layout (layout; layouts)

Least Significant Difference (Least Significant Difference; least significant difference; LSD)

least squares difference test (least squares difference test; least squares estimator; least squares estimate; least squares regression; ordinary least squares regression; least squares method; ordinary least squares (OLS) regression; OLS; OLS regression equations; Least squares linear regression)

Levene's Test (Levene's Test; Levene's Test for the Equality of Equal Variances)

lignocellulosic (lignocellulosic; lignocellulose)

Likelihood ratio tests 

Likert scale (Likert scale; Likert scales; Likert-type scale)


literature search 

location efficient mortgage 

log transformation 

logistic regression model (logistic regression model; logistic regression equation; logistic regressions)

longitudinal panel 

longitudinal (longitudinal; longitudinal data)


lower extremity (lower extremity; lower extremities)

LSD test (LSD test; protected t test)



lumbar flexion 

lumen (lumen; lm)

luminaire (luminaire; luminaires)


luminance flux (luminance flux; luminous flux)

luminous contrast 


macular degeneration 

magnetic field exposure (magnetic field exposure; magnetic field exposures)

main effects 

mammogram (mammogram; mammography)

Mann-Whitney U test (Mann-Whitney U test; Mann-Whitney U; Mann-Whitney test; Mann-Whitney U-tests; Mann-Whitney U-test; Mann-Whitney tests; Mann Whitney U-tests)


mapping abilities 

Markov chain model (Markov chain model; Markov chain models)

master plan 

matrix (matrix; matrices; matrixes)

MDS (MDS; multidimensional scaling)

mean rank (mean rank; Mean rank)

mean (mean; means)

Mean-squared (Mean-squared; mean-squared; mean square; mean squared; Mean square)

mechanical systems 

median (median; medians)

mediation model (mediation model; Mediation; mediation)


metropolitan statistical area (metropolitan statistical area; metropolitan statistical areas; MSA; MSAs)

micro-slatted glazing 

mid-sagittal plane 


mixing ventilation (mixing ventilation; MV)

mL (mL; mililter)

mm (mm; MM)

mobility aids 

mobility intention 


Moderator-variable regression (Moderator-variable regression; moderator-variable regression; moderator variable regression; Moderator variable regression)

moneky bar (moneky bar; monkey bars)

multidimensional scaling (multidimensional scaling; multi-dimensional scaling)

multi-item scales (multi-item scales; multi-item scale; multi item scale)

multilevel hierarchical linear modeling (multilevel hierarchical linear modeling; multilevel, hierarchical linear modeling; multilevel hierarchical linear model)

multinominial (multinominial; multinominal)

multiple linear regression (multiple linear regression; multiple linear regressions; Linear regression)

multiple range test (multiple range test; multiple range tests)

multiple regression (multiple regression; multiple regression analysis)


multivariate analysis of variance (multivariate analysis of variance; MANOVA; MANOVAs)

multivariate repeated measures analysis of variance 

multivariate (multivariate; multivariate statistical analysis; multivariate analyses; multivariate analysis)

Munsell Color System 


musculoskeletal injury