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Glossary of Terms

InformeDesign’s Glossary of Terms offers basic definitions for research terms that are hyper-linked in the Research Summaries. If you are reading a Research Summary, click on the hyper-linked word or phrase and a small window will open up to display a brief definition.

The Glossary of Terms can also be used as a mini-dictionary for terms regarding design and human behavior and commonly used research terms. Please contact us if you have terms you would like to see added. 

Glossary of Terms

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T8 lamps 

task lighting 

telecommuting (telecommuting; telecommuters)


tendon force 

tensile strength 


test-retest reliability 

thematic mapping (thematic mapping; thematic maps; thematic map)


thermal degradation 

thermocouple (thermocouple; thermocouples)

thoracic spine 


time-series analyis 

Tobit modeling 



total vertical illuminance (total vertical illuminance; vertical illuminance)

tracer gas 

transfer of development rights (transfer of development rights; TDR)

Transit oriented development (Transit oriented development; transit oriented developments; TOD; TODs)

transparent insulation 


Trompe-l'œil (Trompe-l'œil; trompe l’oeil; Trompe l'œil; trompe-l’oeil)


t-test (t-test; t-tests; t-tests; t-test; non-parametric one-tailed Page test)

Tukey B test (Tukey B test; Tukey-B test; Tukey B tests)

Tukey (Tukey; Tukey comparisons; Tukey's test; Tukey multiple comparison test; Tukey contrasts; Tukey's Honestly Significant Difference; HSD)

Turbid (Turbid; turbidity; turbidness)

T-values (T-values; t-values; t-value)

two- and three-factor repeated measures analysis of variance 

two-sample tests (two-sample tests; two-sample t test; two-sample t tests)

two-tailed tests (two-tailed tests; two-tailed test)

two-way analysis of variance (two-way analysis of variance; two-way ANOVA; two factor analysis of variance)

Type A 

Type B  

type foundry 

Type I error (Type I error; Type II error; Type II; Type I and II; type I error; type II error; Type I and II errors)

UK (UK; U.K.; United Kingdom; Britain; (UK); (U.K.))

Ulnar (Ulnar; ulna)

ultrasound energy 

ultraviolet light (ultraviolet light; UV; UV radiation)

uncertain data 

underfloor ventilation system (underfloor ventilation system; underfloor ventilation systems)

univariate analysis (univariate analysis; Univariate; Univariate analysis)

universal design 

Utility models (Utility models; utility; utility analysis)

UV filtered 



variable (variable; variables; indicators; independent variables; dependent variables)

varimax rotation (varimax rotation; varimax rotations)


virtual environments (virtual environments; Virtual environment; Virtual environments; virtual reality; virtual realities; Virtual reality; Virtual realities)


visual acuity 

visual analog scale 

visual cue 

volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compounds; volatile organic compound; VOCs; VOC)


volunteer bias 


Ward's hierarchical clustering method 

warm white light 


watershed (watershed; watersheds)

Watt (Watt; Watts)

wavelength, wavelengths 



white light 

white noise 

Wilcoxan signed-rank test (Wilcoxan signed-rank test; Wilcox signed rank test; Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-ranks test; Wilcox matched pairs; Wilcoxon signed rank test; Wilcoxon matched pairs; Wilcoxon test; Wilcoxon rank sum)

Wilk's lambda (Wilk's lambda; Wilks's lambda)

within-subject contrasts 

within-subjects design (within-subjects design; within-subjects)

wrist acceleration 

yarn joint 

yarn tails (yarn tails; yarn tail)

z-prime transformations (z-prime transformations; z transformation; z-transformation; z transformations; z-transformations)

z-scores (z-scores; standard score)

z-test (z-test; z-tests)