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Inquiry is an EBD research brief developed by InformeDesign. Inquiry summarizes evidence on a single, focused topic using research from InformeDesign’s Research Summaries and monthly issues of Implications. It provides you the opportunity to use evidence-based design criteria for the development of better design solutions that benefit both people and the environment.

Development of each issue of Inquiry involves our staff carefully selecting and reviewing Design Criteria, Key Concept, and highlights found in relevant Research Summaries and evidence from issues of Implications. These elements are then reorganized into smaller, sub-topics and published as Inquiry. Following is a list of those already completed and available to you!

Please be aware that at this time, InformeDesign no longer registers/gains prior approvals for these courses through any organization or entity. However, upon completion of the Course Proficiency Examination attached to each course and a payment of $25.00 (USD), InformeDesign will evaluate the examination for you and issue you a Certificate of Completion for purposes of self-reporting your continuing education. To have your examination graded, please contact us at