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Case Study Submission (Editor-Reviewed)

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InformeDesign publishes Case Studies completed by design professionals who want to publish the outcome of a design project. A Case Study provides documentation of the ways in which you have used evidence in your design processes. Case Studies demonstrate the application of research findings or evidence, in the broadest terms, and your design thinking throughout parts of or within the complete design process. Also, the Cast Study could focus on the entire solution or only a part of it.

Topics may relate to the design process used, the outcomes generated by the solution, client/designer interaction, etc. Case Studies can be completed by individuals or teams, on past or current projects—none of which have been published previously. Sharing these design outcomes and/or the process of creating the design solution will inform design students, educators, and colleagues about an evidence-based approach, thereby improving future design solutions.

A Case Study Submission Template is provided for your use. Another option if you or your firm is unsure about how to go about writing a Case Study or would prefer assistance, InformeDesign is here to partner with you on this endeavor via our Research Desk. Please note, a review and publication fee of $250 is required. This helps cover editing and publishing costs and helps keep InformeDesign free to all.

Please follow these steps to prepare your Case Study draft:

  1. Prior to starting work on your Case Study, review InformeDesign’s Style Guide (PDF).
  2. Author(s) submits the draft in the Case Study Template to for review by InformeDesign. It is an MSWord document. By submitting the draft, you are declaring that the content is original, has never been published, and that you are the author(s) of the content.
  3. Up to five (5) images can be submitted with the Case Study Template. Note in the text of the Case Study draft where the images are to be placed (“Place Image 1 here”), but do not include the images within the text (MSWord). Please wait to submit them until after the draft is accepted for publication.
  4. Within one week, you will be notified that the Case Study draft has been received.
  5. After initial review, if your Case Study draft has been accepted for editing and publication, payment to InformeDesign of $250 (USD) via PayPal (see button below) is due.

  6. You may be required to make revisions to your draft as part of the editing process.
  7. Once payment has been received, the Contact Author will be notified of file types/sizes needed for the image(s) format. The Case Study will be prepared for publishing on InformeDesign once the images have been received.
  8. The Contact Author will have the opportunity to review a final draft of the Case Study prior to publication on the InformeDesign site.
  9. Once published, InformeDesign retains ownership of the Case Study copyright. In that way, as with all knowledge within the Web site, it is free and accessible to users.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for considering publishing your Case Study on InformeDesign!