Industry Research Report

Industry Research Report Submission

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InformeDesign publishes Industry Research Reports completed by manufacturers, organizations, or individuals who want to publish the results of their industry research that relates to design and/or human behavior. Industry Research Reports are research completed by a manufacturer, professional organization, or individuals that offer research findings from a specific project, product research and development, or process development.

Topics may relate to the design process used to develop and manufacture a product, client interaction process, or analysis of an issue. Generally, Industry Research Reports may have been shared internally, but have not been published previously. There is much good research completed by industry that is never shared beyond your internal audience. We hope you’d like to share some of that information globally! Please note, a publication fee of $500 is required. This helps cover editing and posting costs and helps keep InformeDesign free to all.

There are 2 options for sharing your research on InformeDesign:

  1. Publish an existing report. Submit an existing report that has been internal to your company or organization. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. Fill out the Industry Research Report Submission Template and submit it along with your industry research in a PDF format to Be sure all appropriate names of authors and organization is on the report.
    2. Also, send a payment of $500 (USD) to InformeDesign via PayPal (see button below). Payment helps cover publishing and site maintenance costs (thank you!).
    3. You will be notified that your submission and payment have been received within one week.
    4. Your Industry Research Report will be prepared for posting on InformeDesign. It is possible that some modifications might be necessary to meet our formatting standards, and InformeDesign will contact you if that is the case.
  2. Publish industry research that has not yet been published as a report. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. Collaborate with InformeDesign’s Research Desk to develop an Industry Research Report for InformeDesign. To get started contact us. (Additional fees will apply to assist you with this effort.)

All Industry Research Reports will remain on the site for 3 years from date of publication. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for considering publishing your Industry Research Report on InformeDesign!