Thesis or Dissertation Submission

Imagine having your work posted on InformeDesign and reaching thousands of people!

You have worked hard to complete your master’s or doctoral degree. It’s time to share your work! Post your entire thesis or dissertation on InformeDesign—better than on a library shelf! It will be accessed via our advanced search option as part of our evidence-based database. Our global audience is actively looking for the latest research. Get your work in front of a worldwide design team and help build your professional and research network. Publishing your thesis or dissertation on InformeDesign does NOT prohibit you from submitting the content as a manuscript to a refereed journal or conference presentation. It just ensures that others beyond the academy can learn from your research. There is a nominal fee for this, which covers our costs.

Here are the steps to having your thesis or dissertation published on InformeDesign:

  1. Submit your completed Thesis or Dissertation Submission Template to InformeDesign along with your thesis or dissertation in a PDF format. Send them to
  2. Also, send a payment of $25 (USD) to InformeDesign via PayPal (see button below). Payment helps cover publishing and site maintenance costs (thank you!).
  3. You will be notified that your submission and payment have been received within one week.
  4. Your thesis or dissertation will be posted on InformeDesign within two weeks of receipt.

All theses and dissertations will remain on the site indefinitely. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for considering posting your thesis or dissertation on InformeDesign!