Research Desk

Research Desk

Are you working on a project or for a client that requires more knowledge about a specific design/human behavior topic? Do you lack the time to search out that knowledge? We can help you with this!

InformeDesign’s Research Desk is available to help you meet your professional evidence-based design (EBD) goals. The Research Desk creates custom searches and reports for organizations, firms, and individuals outlining evidence-based design criteria on specific design issues, such as

  • acoustics in schools
  • impact of crowding on violence
  • effect of a view of nature on healing
  • personalization and privacy relative to productivity in the workplace
  • neighborhood related retail sales

The Research Desk identifies current, reliable resources on a specific design issue, thoroughly reviews the information, and transforms the findings into an easily understood, visually pleasing format. The resulting report is a valuable reference tool for you and your firm to apply to design projects that require an EBD-approach. For more information about process, outcomes, timeline, and fees, please contact InformeDesign via