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Golf Courses as Refuge for Plants and Animals
Mike Yasuda and Fumito Koike -- 2006
Added: 1/24/2007 4:51:21 PM

Reasons Golfers Choose Golf Resorts
Gary L. Geissler -- 2005
Added: 3/7/2007 1:26:23 PM

Promoting Loyalty in Fitness Facilities
Yoshi Iwasaki and Mark E. Havitz -- 2004
Added: 4/14/2005 5:55:16 PM

Problems with Algae in Man-Made Ponds
Alan L. Lewitus, Laura B. Schmidt, Lisa J. Mason, Jason W. Kempton, Susan B. Wilde, Jennifer L. Wolny, B. Jamie Williams, Kenneth C. Hayes, Sabrina N. Hymel, Charles J. Keppler, and Amy H. Ringwood -- 2003
Added: 3/25/2004 2:18:42 PM

Golf and Urban Sustainability in Singapore
Harvey Neo -- 2001
Added: 12/1/2003 12:07:31 PM

Alternative Suburbs for Desert Metropolitan Areas
Frederick Steiner, Laurel McSherry, Dean Brennan, Mark Soden, Joe Yarchin, Douglas Green, James M. McCarthy, Catherine Spellman, John Jennings, and Kristen Barré -- 1999
Added: 4/26/2006 2:08:39 PM

Golf Course Design is Influenced by Nature and Culture
Kenneth I. Helphand -- 1995
Added: 10/12/2002 8:56:41 AM